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Unity Underwear Co.: Where Eco-Friendly Meets Comfort



Climate change and global warming are some of the most pressing issues in society today. It has been going on for some years now and has prompted companies, organizations, and private sectors, whether big or small, to come up with greener ideas that are safe for the environment while the world continues to develop and adapt to modern times. 

Unity Underwear Co., a brand founded in 2017 by Nikola Maharajh in Winnipeg, Canada, is one of the many clothing companies that adhere to environment-friendly protocols. 

Here’s the secret to their products. 

Made from 95 Percent Renewable Materials 

From the beginning, Unity Underwear Co. was always meant to remain as eco-friendly as possible without sacrificing quality or comfort. 

“We are proud that we have made Unity Underwear from 95 percent bamboo fabrics, the most renewable [material] source on the planet,” Nik said. 

But Unity Underwear Co. does not stop there. The brand is also making an effort to continuously adapt to becoming more eco-friendly every day by using recyclable packaging and shipping their products with recycled mailers, and eco-friendly packaging tape. 

“Unity Underwear Co. was founded with the goal to be an affordable, premium, and eco-conscious underwear brand. That’s where our values lie. We believe it is possible to still turn a profit with affordable pricing while being eco-friendly and providing a premium quality product. That’s why we strive to have fair pricing for our customers and will not release any products before we know that it is of the highest quality that we can be proud of,” the brand’s founder said. 

The Comfort in the Eco-Friendly 

According to Nik, Unity Underwear has a nearly perfect ratio of switching customers over to their product after trying. Despite being a new company, the brand is rapidly growing and giving countless amounts of people the comfort they deserve. 

“I am very proud of our fit and the softness of the fabric. The eco-friendly benefits are a bonus, as the product does not compromise anything in order to have these benefits. We’ve recently launched three new colors which we were excited about and are seeing more sales than ever after being affected heavily by COVID-19. There are many more products we have planned and are very excited for,” Nik said. 

He added the brand is currently working on some new products outside of the underwear department to have out by mid-2021. 

“Our biggest goal is to have our women’s line ready for the end of 2021. We’ve had many people request we use the same fabric for a women’s line and believe this would be great for us to do,” the founder shared. 
For more information, visit www.unityunderwear.com as well as its Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.

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Izaks Journey From Stereo 1 Warehouse Employee To A Car Audio Specialist



Izaks Journey from Stereo 1 Warehouse employee to a car audio specialist

Izak grew up as a child in Amman, Jordan. He moved to Stockton California at the age of ten years old. When Izak moved to America he continued in his passions for music and rapping. Izak eventually moved to Los Angeles where he worked at Stereo 1 Warehouse with his uncle. 

Izak was a natural salesman. His first day, he made more sales than any other salesman. He did so well they promoted him to a new position at a store in Sacramento, California.

With his new position in Sacramento going well, Izak was able to link up with Rapper Mac Dre to start off his rapping career. Izak really grew into an amazing entrepreneur. He then opened up his own stereo shop / recording studio with his cousin Shady (aka Maguiver). Shady was one of the best 12 volt car audio technicians. Izak also reached out to his other cousin Shawn in Southern California. Shawn was a pro tools studio engineer, producer, and composer. Together they recorded with legendary platinum artists such as Yukmouth, Spice 1, Kurupt,  Mac Dre, Keak Da Sneak, B-Legit, Husalah, and many more Bay Area artists.

Izaks current business, known as Modesto Car Toys, has currently scaled for twenty years and has become the industry leader in the car audio industry. No one in his industry has compared to the quality and service they provide. 

Today Izak’s speciality is in taking any car and giving it the sound of the future using his unique “Formula One” system. 

If you are looking to find out more about the amazing work he and his team have done and continues to do,  you can contact him on his instagram here or check out his business here.

I am Marko, im an entrepreneur and an agency owner. I love sharing stories of people with passion, tallent and value!

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How MedaGlobe Became A Leader In The PPE Market



We all know the situation with the COVID-19 around the world, lucky on 2021 there was a lot of companies which binged a lot of new solution to stop preventing the disease even more!

Covid-19 was big trouble in 2020 where there were not enough testing kits and people could not test themself and see if they are infected or not! With the innovation moving forward now in 2021, MedaGlobe is providing the best solution with it being a fast antigen covid-19 test kit with a record testing time of 45 seconds!

MedaGlobe specializes in Medical, Surgical Equipment & Instruments Trading Import & Export as well as Covid-19 Products such as Rapid Covid Test & More. Together with “Medical Products” across all around the world! With our products being rated to be some of best on the world & most revolutionary, in the industry of medical products!

What is an antigen test for COVID-19?

Antigen tests are a method of detecting an active infection with SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes the illness COVID-19. These tests look for antigens, which are protein markers found on the outside of a SARS-CoV-2 virus. The test is performed on a sample that is taken by swabbing inside your nose

Medawww.medaglobe.comGlobe clearly has a vision that we support and that is to save people’s lives! Using such a test as this which does not break your bank as well, can show you if you have or do not have an active covid-19 infection! This can allow the opening of many stuff such as festivals, concerts, family gatherings, and other social activities which were not able to be open due to the infection!

SARS-CoV-2 antigen rapid diagnostic tests (Ag-RDT) are being used globally to test suspect COVID-19 cases in contexts where PCR diagnostic may not be available, often at subnational level.

Given the increase in cases of SARS-CoV-2 infections worldwide, there is a need for a reliable rapid diagnostic test in addition to existing gold standard real-time RT-PCR. Rapid antigen tests (RAT) for SARS-CoV-2 can be performed onsite in mass testing, are inexpensive compared to real-time RT-PCR, do not require specific and expensive equipment, and the results are available within 15 mins.

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