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The Meteoric Rise of Dirti Diana Redefines Millennial Hip-Hop

The lyrics, as mentioned below, reflects the beautiful mind of Dirti Diana. At first glance of Dirti Diana, you immediately receive a powerful sense of royalty and supreme leadership.



The meteoric rise of Dirti Diana redefines Millennial Hip-Hop

“Late night dinners with the masses

If ain’t about that bag

Then I’m passing

From the same school but different classes

I was taught to hustle and get it

And I passed it”

Lyrics available on ‘Oh I’ powered by Soundcloud

The lyrics, as mentioned above, reflects the beautiful mind of Dirti Diana. At first glance of Dirti Diana, you immediately receive a powerful sense of royalty and supreme leadership.  

Born in the concrete jungle of Bronx, New York, Dirti Diana is born to win and engineered for greatness. From birth, seeds of self-worth, ownership, fearlessness, and beast mode work ethics were infused into her bloodline.

Dirti Diana’s exclusive intelligence of balancing pain, lust, power, and fantasy elevates her music above contemporaries. It’s extremely rare in this era of Hip-Hop to hear music which activates and inspires a movement.  

Dirti Diana’s signature sound and rap delivery are unchallenged and endorsed by Hip-Hop heavyweights from New York to Los Angeles. During a COVID-19 pandemic and profound uncertainty globally, Dirti Diana’s music continues to invigorate Music Millennials in 2020.  

Editorial Picks

LosBuyas™️ The Unreleased NFT collection: Everything you need to know.



Chances are, you’ve probably already seen a Buya™️ Unreleased NFT Character somewhere on the internet or in the streets.

That’s especially true if you’re on Twitter or Instagram, where presale-reserved bid owners of LosBuyas™️ NFTs show them off as profile photos, to share and express their moods or emotions they are feeling at any given time, or to hype anticipation of which Buya™️ original NFT character they are going to own first!

See that character above with the red bandana wrapped around his head? That’s Quaranto’s. One of the most creative collections in the nonfungible token space, LosBuyas™️ launched their first advertising campaign in November of 2021, and consists of a still unknown-but-capped number of Buyas™️. Right now, the cheapest bid you can request to reserve one in the presale-round is for roughly four (4) ether, or approximately $20,000 dollars. They will sell for a much higher value as their character structures are developed.

Bryan Quaranto (Twitter)

Guess my current mood! Drop a comment below

@EleaLocoAzul @dreamwoodmedia 

Like everything else to do with NFTs, LosBuyas™️ are contagious. Buya™️ owners inspire zen among those who aspire to own and trade NFTs, but confusion and explicitness among people who don’t. Some of the projects success is due to the creative design scope of the artist, and other reasons for its success is because of the emotions and mood based sentiment conveyed through the characters. Here’s what you need to know about the artist’s first still unreleased NFT collection…

There are an UNKNOWN BUT CAPPED AMOUNT of Buyas™️

Broadly speaking, there are various types of NFT projects. First, you have one-off visuals that are sold as NFTs, like paintings or movies. Second, you have NFT collections or “projects” like LosBuyas™️. Similar to Yu-Gi-Oh cards, LosBuyas™️ take a certain character and produce numerous styles with an unlimited range of variety, each ranked in terms of static value awareness. In the case of LosBuyas™️, currently, there are an unknown amount of official Buyas™️, each with different “aspects” that portray their inherent character value.

These characters are permitted to be on display and sold across most NFT marketplaces under international 4.0 attributions, but the main presale-reservation release bids of the original NFT characters will be from a still unknown third-party authorized and authenticated NFT release platform. On any given Buya™️ NFT product, its meta-data will be informed, as well as the number of NFTs in the Buya™️ collection that also express that property. Usually, anything under 1% is considered very obsolete.

As noted, the “floor price” for the each individual character — what you might pay for an original Buya™️ with super-obsolete traits, is around 4 ether. Buyas™️ are inherently rare, so they will resell for a much higher value. Last week, someone offered to buy the entire Buya™️ collection directly from the artist for 334 ether (about $1.36 million dollars), but was fundamentally declined because the collection is STILL UNRELEASED. Nobody knows if Quaranto will sell one of his favorite Buyas™️ to anybody in the public domain, but the hope and sentiment is definitely in his favor.

LosBuyas™️ will be among one of the biggest NFT projects of its kind, only behind CryptoPunks, BAYC, and VeeFriends® (An original NFT collection created by serial- entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk). The CryptoPunks are a collection of about 10,000 8-bit avatars created in 2017 with much of their inherent value stemming from being an original first OG NFT crypto-project of its creation. Currently, some of the rarest CryptoPunks are selling for around 100 ether, or roughly $500,000.

What makes LosBuyas™️ rare?

This is a simple question with a simple answer. They are mostly OBSELETE! The short answer is that, as with human beings in the traditional art world, is that the value obtained, is very much in the eye of the beholder. 

Let’s start at the beginning. LosBuyas™️ characters were designed in Late October/early November of 2021 by the CEO of DreamwoodMedia®, Bryan Quaranto, also known by his artistic pseudo-name, LocoAzul™️, aka Crazy Blue™️ in English. It took the artist 4 days for him to come up with 8 original Buya™️ characters to garner support from his audiences on social media.

What makes LosBuyas™️ or any other NFT collection valuable is highly subjective. Simply explained, a projects success is determined by a mix of a few different properties: underground support, community love, and inherent value for owners.

The first is obvious. When celebrities share a piece of artwork or NFT aligned with their almost exact ideal values or emotions they are going through as a human being in this wild ride we call life, they convey their inner expression or experience of what they are going through in life at any given time. A great example of this is exemplified through Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show on NBC. He purchased a Bored Ape NFT on November 8th for a whopping $145,000 and has since been using it as his profile picture across social media where he has a net of over, on average, 100 million viewers, or lifetime value supporters of about 1,000 customers. That’s brought a huge amount of interest and attention into the Bored Apes NFT collection, which is reflected upon by the sales volume and inherent price rise as displayed in the meta data of the price action. 

Second, utility. Most NFT projects claim to offer a utility of some sort, be it access to different experiences, connections, or the option to stake the NFT in a certain exchange for a specified cryptocurrency. 

LosBuyas™️ original artist has done a few things to keep presale reserved owners interested. First, he depicted his different internal emotions and moods conveyed through his characters created for display. Then in November, came another interest curve: original trademark name brand development. The name of the characters came from his experience of being and adoption by a blessed caribbean family in the small island of Puerto Rico, after accidentally discovering some of the roots to his Sicilian and Jamaican bloodline. Owners could share there Buyas™️ with audiences to express what they are feeling inside their hearts or mind at any given moment.

“A Buya™️ and it’s almost limitless counterparts.” — Bryan Quaranto 2021.

Last and most importantly is the platform from which the characters were developed that’s built around the promotion, adoption, and idolization of inherently good human value structures. LosBuyas™️ original owners will have unstructured and/or organized exclusive owners events and clubs in different locations around the globe including Argentina, Japan, and California who will be among the first to host an exclusive Buya™️ intellectual property owners party as well as in Hong Kong, Greece and Spain as well.

Of course, there is always a business aspect to developing a loyal community and valued fan base. Art of any kind is worth only as much as people are willing to pay for it. That is why in this NFT collection series, the starting floor price of each character is determined or almost equal to what the least-interested potential psyche investors or buyers price might be named to pay for it.

People know that sometimes holding a specific token in the NFT community results in fewer people listing their NFT for sale there for appreciating the rarity and inherent value of the character. Selling your Buya™️ isn’t just selling an NFT character,  but a communal passage to the heart and a one way ticket to terrapin station as well. Happy reservations! 

 Once a collection reaches a certain level of status, it becomes a value symbol. Customers in the cryptocurrency and NFT space will use the NFT in profile pictures on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord and other platforms like CEOs drive Toyotas. You can take a screenshot or save a JPG of a Buya™️ just like you can drive a Chrysler, but in both cases, though, the people will know. 

What’s next?

LosBuyas™️ NFT Series is just getting started.  Expect to see the first original owners-only benefit perks party for LosBuyas™️ collection owners as soon as April! Details are far and few in between right now, but more information is being released in the next following weeks as per the CEO of DreamwoodMedia®. The pre-release will only last a specified number of days before the reservation entry closes, and there are likely to be a number of surprise benefits, that are anticipated in the launch for reservation access holders.

LosBuyas™️ (An original NFT collection designed by Bryan Quaranto.)

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