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New Gutta Country Hip-Hop Artist Jxhhny Blest Breaks A Million Streams



Jxhhny Blest is the new gutta country hip-hop artist on the rise. With over 1.3 million streams on Spotify and 2.5 million views across his other social channels, we can officially declare that Jxhhny Blest is up next. We had the chance to catchup with Jxhhny and ask him some interview questions.

How did you start your creative journey?

It all started with my mom, she had us singing in the church choir all the time so this is when started writing music…back in the 6th grade. I always was an into reading a lot of books, poems, and other things of that nature. Around that time I also got turned onto Lil Wayne’s music and that made me dig deeper into hip-hop.

When did you decide to take it to the next level?

I always take it to the next level. Every day I learn something new. I also knew that I always had the CEO mentality. My senior year of high school is when I first started recording music. 

What is your cause? 

My cause is to shine the brightest light on the non-believers, teach people it is okay to be different, it is okay to talk about your problems and it is okay to do what others think is impossible, even if you have no support.

What is your mission?

My mission is to change the game for outcasts, like me, and bring back fun and positive music back on the scene to the airwaves. I also want to give the youth or people who need guidance a variety of opportunities to accomplish their own dreams.

Have you accomplished any goals?

Yes since 2014, I have had success with selling over 70,000 physical records independently, I have gained over 1,300,000 streams on streaming platforms & over 2,500,000 million views overall on all of my content over the networks of Facebook, youtube, and Instagram.

What projects are you working on? 

Currently, I have been working on the marketing a distribution of my music. I am working on, plenty of singles that may turn into album tracks but I am really waiting to compose my first official album that will be released under my record label ” Out the woods records, LLC”

Who have you worked with in the past? 

I have worked with the epic recording artist Kodie Shane, we collaborated on my track “Living Free ” Back in 2016. I have worked with other independent/upcoming artists but I mostly record solo.

What does the future hold for you?

The future holds many opportunities, better music, a healthier lifestyle, an increased intellectual mindset, and most of all HAPPINESS.

Jxhhny just release his latest music video for his new single “Freedom” Produced by Ike, you can watch the full video below:

We would like to thank Jxhhny for coming onto Dreamwood Media and answering our questions. You can learn more about Jxhhny Blest here at his Instagram⚡️

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Bryan Quaranto is the CEO of Dreamwood Media and ProprioX. He is also the host of The Creative Activation Podcast available exclusively on

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Bryan started his entrepreneurial journey around four years ago by launching his first company, Dreamwood Media, in early 2017. Originally starting out as a production company, over time, his agency evolved into a commercial distribution and publishing platform.

Now, Bryan is helping undiscovered talent develop and refine their intrinsic foundational skills and values to create the perfect blueprint for building and scaling a successful brand, through a process he likes to call “Brand Engineering”. is the central creative hub for many up and coming models, artists, and entrepreneurs looking for more exposure on their current project(s) and breaking personal developments. Bryan has interviewed many prominent figures across many different industries learning from the best and brightest minds to become a better influence and educator for his audience. His platform is currently looking for contributors and is open to community members who are experts in the writing and publishing of ongoing news in the music, art and talent industry.

In 2020, Bryan launched The Creative Activation Podcast with the hopes of enabling artists and entrepreneurs with the right tools and resources to create from. Soon after, he announced that he will be hosting his first networking event titled after his podcast called “The Creative Activation Mastermind” This event will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico on January 9th & 10th, 2021. 

Bryan and his brand are perfect examples of what hard work, patience, and consistency can create when you truly believe and focus on your values and what you can do. 

You can learn more about The Creative Activation Mastermind here:

You can also listen to his podcast here:

Follow @DreamwoodMedia on instagram at:

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