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MOZZY Releases “Streets Ain’t Safe” That Features BLXST

Mozzy, the Grammy Award-nominated lyricist has teamed up with artist BLXST yet again, for a new track “Streets Ain’t Safe.” This song is a part of Mozzy’s upcoming project Occupational Hazard, which will release on Sept. 22.



Mozzy, the Grammy Award-nominated lyricist has teamed up with artist BLXST yet again, for a new track “Streets Ain’t Safe.” This song is a part of Mozzy’s upcoming project Occupational Hazard, which will release on Sept. 22.

Earlier this year, both of them collaborated for the single “I Ain’t Perfect” from Beyond Bulletproof, which was Mozzy’s fifth studio album that was released in May. Several artists like Polo G, Shordie Shordie, and Eric Bellinger were featured in the project, which reached #43 on the Billboard 200.

EMPIRE artist Mozzy hails from Sacramento’s Oak Park neighborhood, and has become popular among music lovers after he featured in 2018’s Black Panther track. In 2019, Mozzy’s last solo album Internal Affairs was released. However, the same year, we also witnessed Blood Cuzzins, which was a collaboration album with Tsu Surf.

Even BLXST is quickly becoming popular not just in West Coast, but in other regions as well, as he is delivering smooth hooks and real lyrics. In the year 2019, he dropped a collaboration project with Bino Rideaux titled Sixtape. Very recently, he released a solo EP, No Love Lost, just last week. Initially, he gained popularity due to his work in production as well as collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, YG, Mozzy, G Perico, Eric Bellinger, Bino Rideaux and more.

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BLXST Creates A Cinematic Millennial Love Tale Illuminated By A Hustler’s Reality With ‘BE ALONE’



Major Recording Artist’ Blxst’ is the new age Millennial author for every Millennial attempting to balance reality versus dreams.  Every man desires to create wealth, provide for his family, and provide luxury amenities to his queen.  The most valuable commodity in life is ‘time,’ and you can never turn back the clock. Women equate love with time, and building an empire involves an incalculable investment to achieve greatness.

Blxst narrates a young black king’s raw emotions and thoughts in pursuit of life-changing wealth and ensuring his queen’s protection. ‘Be Alone’ highlights the strain of hustling entangled with love.  Women provide the backbone inside a man’s kingdom and demand the highest level of affection.  Blxst echoes the genuine authenticity of men’s hearts worldwide and enables women to be conscious of the need for patience with Millennial love.  The music of Blxst has its own lane, and his vision is now televised (Shee!!!!!)

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ITSKI Releases A New Album Called Soul Searching



ITSKI is a beatboxer, rapper and social media entrepreneur based out of The UK. Known for his outrageous beatboxing skills and his partner agency, Grow With Us Agency, ITSKI is dominating the social media game with his talent and hard work. We had the chance to interview him on his successful career.

How did you start your creative journey?

I never initially thought of beatboxing becoming a career when I was young. There were so few beatboxers, I would win local competitions and go looking for more beatboxers across the UK.

I have been learning how to beatbox since the age of 5, one of my moms’ friends taught me, how lucky was I, for in that moment of time, was going to change my life!

I’ve never spoke to my father up until this very day, sounds so stereotypical I know; my mother was young and worked long hours growing up. She is my world and supports me in every step.

The internet broke out; Krnfx being one of my first beatbox idols. Seeing his loop station covers were so dope, at this time my siblings were born. We were so competitive as kids and would practice all day, enjoying beatboxing, rap and about any other silly battles you could think of.

Making sounds was genuinely hard and took time but really helped benefit my mentality, keeping me through the most insane situations and really played a role in the achievements I’ve made today.

When did you decide to take it to the next level?

After studying in college (a level 3 diploma in Business) I was questioning whether I should I go university or wait a year and find myself. I chose the second option. Working part time in a retirement home and full time working for ATG, an accessible transport group for disabilities, which was something I really loved doing. However there was a moment when I asked a group in the retirement home ‘Tell me your life’; they all started with I wish. This really tapped into me and I started to question myself.

So, after one year I decided to go to university and study accounting. Funny enough I still did not know what I wanted to be and barely passed the degree after the first year. I was not enjoying it.

It was only until I sat down with myself and brainstormed all the passions I have and had in the past; I was able to realize and ‘connect the dots’.

Despite just music, fashion was also my passion growing up. I would love to draw and be creative at home. At my nans, I would create business ideas, outfits, and other inventions.

Despite having a major step back, I applied for a degree in Fashion. I got turned down the for the first time because I didn’t have any previous college art experience.

Another step back, but to study fashion I needed to go and get that art diploma!

After gaining my art diploma and later starting my fashion career; it felt like a weight had begun to lift and the fear of was no more. I worked and suffered incredibly, but I learnt that in the moment it felt good and I was finally happy doing something I wanted. Now I can part time produce, create music, and beatbox content. I Invested into a loop station and now am building my own music career. I understand the power of social media, especially through Instagram since I was fifteen.

What is your cause?

Action is very powerful. Action is instant results. Failure is instant feedback.

Most of my music is related to motivation and helping spread positivity into the world. However other pieces tend to relate to common situations and circumstances people may face.

A lot of people are not happy with what they are doing. I was not! Despite so many major step backs, I was able to push through to the other side. My cause is to help more people realize this, and that they are worth so much more than trading their time for something they do not want to do.

What is your mission?

The world is yearning for entrepreneurs, we are all in an age where we like to see creations!

I run a top rated IG branding agency called Grow With Us Agency LLC. We have partnered with 7 & 8 figure entrepreneurs like @Dremedici @Arthurcaravellas and @Omarconnects. We are currently continuing to build the largest community of elites ; helping entrepreneurs and influencers, scale their Instagram and personal brands to the next level, using our global celebrity networks, allowing them to attain credibility they need to go out and monetize from their passions and opening more opportunities for all types of niches.

As for my music career, after my last two years in university I will be looking to have built hundreds of thousands of followers and have a greater impact in society with my lyrics; connecting, building, and helping spread good vibes with the people.

Have you accomplished any goals?

The ability to be working with the biggest people and known celebrities every single month is incredible.

I took my friends page past 20k followers with my celebrity collaborations and after a few weeks my friend, Harv Hayre, had been connected with Bryson Tiller. His streams right now are going crazy, with something special incoming, no spoilers!

Despite this being more competition for me, I really enjoy what I do and forever finding good and genuine lifetime relationships with the right people is hard to do.

As for my fashion side, I have been in various fashion weeks and am currently producing my own clothing line that was launched earlier this year. 

What does the future hold for you?

My next stop is to stop and connect with my friends in the US, especially Hollywood and bring my UK Elite team over! 

Grow With Us Agency is on a mission to help 1 million entrepreneurs and influencers scale their Instagram and personal brands to the next level, using our global celebrity networks, allowing them to attain that credibility they need to go out and monetise from their passion or business. 

We work with low income earners and up to 8 figure clients taking them to the moon, making sure their full Instagram is taken to the next level, and not just followers from our collaboration campaigns.

I want to dedicate myself into helping others reach success, and I believe having one million like minded people chasing their passions in our community from all around the world is a greater impact. I believe more people need this positivity and to see it can be done. It’s something that the world is calling for. 

we would like to thank you ITSKI for answering our questions! You can learn more about what ITSKI is up to on his Instagram.

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