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Jeff The Entrepreneur is Changing Lives Financially



Jeff “The Entrepreneur” Cunningham is a serial entrepreneur and business coach, teaching people how to make more money. Inspiring others along the way, Jeff has amassed a following of over 10,000 followers on his social media platforms. Jeff creates wealth for him and his students by teaching them lucrative ways of multiplying your money. We had the opportunity to ask Jeff a few questions…

How did you start your entrepreneurial journey?
Truth be told – I have always been an entrepreneur.  Lemonade stand at 12, having my brothers and sisters advertise to traffic and figuring out what more products I could sell from my stand.  I didn’t even totally get the grasp of money back then. I believe anyone – but mostly entrepreneurs love to create and prove people wrong.  Being a teacher at behavioral middle school, as other teachers complained about no lesson plans and a teacher I had a crush on said I wasn’t creative enough – this inspired and motivated me to build my own lesson plans – and teach money management and things that are my passion to change the education system one day. I also became a lifeguard because that girl scoffed at me when I raised my hand to try, became a quarterback when was told I couldn’t, and started teaching when told I would be a better student support.

When did you decide to take it to the next level?
After my brother Jay passed. We wrote down a dream to build a Kokomo Jays, coffee shop music studio – two days after I went to wake him up and that moment changed my life. I was selected to Speak Up about, dreams, belief and action on Amazon Prime Season 2 of Speak Up. Before all of this….I was a shell of the man I am today….thanks to my Dad showing me a video of Grant Cardone – I prayed to God not care if I woke up and then searched ‘Grant Cardone Depression’ – that video changed my life. My goal is 77 million, and then open KokomoJays.com worldwide. Costa Rica for sure – I know some good people there now. 

What is your cause?
To inspire others always.  Through their pain they can find purpose.  I have done this through my new Coaching Business – Changing Lives (Changinglivescoach.com). This is something I will never stop as I feel I make a direct impact and help people make money now. And now Changing Lives Financial will be known for helping 20 million families become Financially Free.  It’s a business I have built with my younger brother –  check out ChangingLivesFinancial.com

What is your mission?
To show how you can do more with money to change the world.  I will build many businesses. I am an entrepreneur, that is what we do.  Look at the definition.  Focus is everything.  I focus all on one, until systems are in place and then move to the next.  This is what I coach people. – my long term goal will also be part of changing the education system – reduce the evil of human trafficking – and solve any black and white problems that have been over looked. Met with some Poser Players in Texas, you will see some big things in the plans; oh and  If I have to run for president I will – but it doesn’t pay enough at the moment.

Have you accomplished any goals?

Daily targets lead to goals.  Speak out, write down, and take action. Became a real estate investor with cash flow and hired property management – own my equity in my own software with Business partner in London, which helps me have the dream of building the biggest lead gen software one day. Hit 1k subs on my YouTube Channel – now a mirco influencer – got several paid Brand Deals – with my YouTube and Instagram (JeffTheEntrepreneur). – the one I am excited about the most is a coffee brand called Kokomo Jays…so my following who likes coffee can taste the dream – and find the energy I have through this special roast.

What does the future hold for you?
Owning a 37 unit in florida and 128 in Texas, possibly moving to Texas to continue business there.  Interviewing top top guests on my Make More Money Podcast – Tim Tebow, Connor McGregor, Mark Cuban, Elon Musk –  will have Dana White on this fall. He is a busy man.  Will also be featuring some amazing power-players who will inspire anyone to chase the American dream. More brand deals for my YouTube channel and Instagram – hiring on Coaches to be certified under the Changing Lives name – growing and hiring people who are entrepreneurial for Changing Lives Financial for my brothers business. Then when I help 77 million people – and receive over 77 Million – will start building Kokomo Jays (KokomoJays.com)  in honor of my brother’s dream.  I speak in depth on the Amazon Prime show Speak Up Season 2 – under My Dreams Keep Me Awake (MyDreamsKeepMeAwake.com – Merch Store)

Jeff Cunningham is a great influence and superstar entrepreneur, he is truly proving that you CAN become the greatest version of yourself.

You can learn more about Jeff and how to work with him here at his Instagram

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Bryan Quaranto is the CEO of Dreamwood Media. He is also the host of The Creative Activation Podcast available exclusively on DreamwoodMedia.com

Bryan Quaranto is the CEO of Dreamwood Media. He is also the host of The Creative Activation Podcast available exclusively on DreamwoodMedia.com

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The price of success is incalculable on every level and taxes people’s souls beyond normal. The fear of failure suffocates people’s mentality, which paralyzes future moves. The distance between a person’s dreams and reality relies upon their self-endurance. Understanding limitations, facing uncomfortable fears, and challenging oneself without an audience requires a rare breed of individual.

Venus Rose does not think, drink, act, eat, or view the world as an average person. Born with visionary instincts, she’s able to engineer, inspire, and breed innovation in the moment of creation. Chasing amazing, balancing vulnerability, and calculating risk require visual genius.

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Ttgfred A Living American Street Dream

Acknowledging your vulnerabilities and insecurities enables an individual to heal, inspire, and champion insurmountable demons.



Acknowledging your vulnerabilities and insecurities enables an individual to heal, inspire, and champion insurmountable demons.  Music is therapy and heals wounds the world can’t see on a person’s body.  Certain types of pain never end and fuels a person’s mission in life to succeed.  Misery attracts drug dependencies, inauthentic friends and creates an alternate reality.  

Nothing can replace a mother’s loss in a man’s life; it’s an indescribable burn that never extinguishes.   

Major Recording Artist Ttgfred possesses a matchless music talent for transforming dark tragedies into poetic lyrics of aspiration.  His latest commercial album release ‘Chelle Son’ echoes the spiritual motivation and influence of his later mother ‘Chelle.’   

‘Losing’ reflects a raw and transparent examination of Ttgfred’s trials and tribulations. His lyrics instantly reach a listener’s soul first and sonically mesmerizes their imagination.  As you read the verses below, TtgFred’s God-given talent is undisputed.   

“I got a hole in my chest, I’m so dark and depressed about myself 

No matter how hard I try I’m losing 

Drug killing me I can’t stop losing  

I pray for protection  

But I keep my Uzi 

The year 2020 has been full of heartache, unimaginable human loss of life, financial turmoil, COVID-19, and a demand for social justice reform.  Ttgfred reflects the power of perseverance and the new face of Millennial freedom in 2020.  Ttgfred’s team consists of natural-born leaders, and all are committed to empowering, inspiring, and educating the world via his music.   

Dream Lab Global Agency provides strategic management, digital branding, and corporate joint venture acquisitions for Ttgfred.  Dream Lab Global and Ttgfred create an undeniable Hip-Hop force of nature. RADIOPUSHERS, one of the premier music monetization agencies for Millennials, secured Ttgfred as a Millennial Global Advocate.   

Ttgfred’s creative genius fuels his animal ambition and get rich or die trying mentality.  The legacy of Ttgfred’s mother lives through music and future children. ‘Chelle Son’ represents a new level of Hip-Hop music. 

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