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We have been accepted as an official marketing partner on The HULU network.

We are now accepting applications to advertise with us, please read over more information below:

Advertising on HULU

Video advertising and streaming: why they work so well together…

Streaming TV combines the best of the digital and traditional TV experience. With streaming, people tune in with intention, actively seeking out and selecting the content they’re watching, and choosing the time and context

for their ideal viewing experience— making them a very captive audience.

For advertisers, streaming operates at the intersection of entertainment and technology, offering the perfect mix of the premium TV environment—filled with high- quality content—and the targeting and measurement characteristics of digital advertising. Streaming TV also reaches the unreachable: the “cord-cutters” and “cord-nevers” (those who have canceled their cable packages or have never had a traditional cable bundle) who represent over a third (38%) of the population. That’s approximately 49 million US households.

For both viewers and advertisers, streaming offers a new touchpoint. It’s a point of contact where a viewer has chosen specific programming from a wide array of choices, and an advertiser has similarly sought out just the right audience to connect with. These factors make streaming a conducive environment for building a lasting relationship.

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