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How Nicola Napolitano Turns Online Stores into Success Stories



An Insight from a 25 Years Old Serial Entrepreneur

Being a self-made man demands a lot. One needs to burn the midnight oil, walk those lonely paths, and only then one becomes different from the rest of the lot. Nicola Napolitano, a 25 years old serial entrepreneur, has been to those heights that others dream of reaching in their forties and fifties. He is a trustworthy and reliable online consultant specializing in e-commerce, digital marketing, online PR, and sales schemes. 

Nicola has his way of dealing with perplexing problems. The situations that shun others always appear to be daring to young Nicola as he emerges out of them victorious, most of the time. He has opened several small- and large-scale online stores and has quite a diverse sales portfolio. From small products to large appliances, Nicola has experience in sales of all sorts. That is why not only millennials but seasoned businesspeople also approach Nicola to help them out with their sales dilemmas. Many of his clients are now making seven figures owing to his smart and efficient e-commerce strategies. 

You need to have a man like Nicola in your team to excel in this age of sheer competition and utter capitalism. There come times when all you need is a reliable person to trust in a particular matter. When it comes to the online sake of your businesses, Nicola Napolitano is the best you can consult in the market. Even some of the clients have permanently handed their online stores to him to maintain and run. And those stores tell whole new tales of success and progress. 

Opening his eyes in Rionero, Italy, Nicola aspired from a very age to be in the e-commerce business. His initial grooming played a decisive role as he used to hear about e-commerce, marketing, and online trading from the very beginning. He is known as the first person to bring the modern-day e-commerce and online industry to Italy. Many of the renowned names in the European Union trading community prefer Nicola when it comes to seeking sound advice for their brands and organizations. It was not too late when the world began to see the businesses grow by his consultations. It also gave a lot of zeal to celebrities, influencers, and online brands to take Nicola on board with them. 

This story of success and glory does not stop here. Nicola continued his legacy of excellence in the fashion industry and started his career there with Instagram modeling. You can see him modeling for lots of multi-national brands online. Like digital marketing and e-commerce, his professionalism is earning him a lot of good reputation there. He also performs in a music band and conveys his utter love for music and performing arts to the world. His performance at Sanremo is one of his best works.

When it comes to expressing style, nothing compares to having your clothing brand or online store. Nicola did the same. Along with maintaining the stores of his clients, Nicola also opened one of his own and expressed his style and take on fashion through his unique clothing items. People say there’s something catchy about the clothes in his store. He further profited the moment by adding a whole new line of accessories, among which his sunglasses were something enthusiasts admired to the core.

It’s all about “keep moving”! One needs to keep seeking opportunities to excel and not bound himself to a particular realm. Glory comes from different ways; you need to keep your doors open! Nicola always kept this in mind and ventured into new and unexplored avenues, for they were full of potential.

Nowadays, you can see Nicola delivering talks and sessions to counsel and guide the young minds to make a living from the comfort of their homes. In this era of COVID, this need has become more pressing. A whole new lot of serial entrepreneurs, marketing experts, and e-commerce professionals has been grooming under his guidance. Nicola is making the youth aware of the prospects of digital marketing, its scope, and future.

The journey to success does seem like a lot. Hence, one needs to be smart enough to navigate his way to the top. Nicola is a staunch believer in smart work. It is the reason that the majority of his clients and students are millennials since they want their future to be secured. Nicola advises the youth out there to stay persistent and work hard but in a smart way.

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Abdullah Raaj is the founder of Ventures Bite, a global digital marketing agency. He is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in the field of Development and Marketing, and is considered a “Marketing Specialist" by his peers.

Abdullah Raaj is the founder of Ventures Bite, a global digital marketing agency. He is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in the field of Development and Marketing, and is considered a “Marketing Specialist" by his peers.

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How UglyMoneyNiche Is Pioneering The Music Industry in Atlanta



Ugly Money Niche is a talent scout, artist developer, and A&R representative for Free Bandz Entertainment based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Over the past 8 years, Ugly Money Niche has taken a variety of artists from the bottom to the top of the music industry and has helped to get artists get signed in record deals with major labels and music executives.

A little over a year ago, In collaboration with DJ Such N Such, Niche has started the Ugly Money Podcast where he interviews a range of artists, DJs, producers, and more, all from the comfort of his own studio in Georgia. 

Ugly Money Niche is a pioneer in the music industry when it comes to artist development. Recently he has been working with the up and coming artist, China Monai, on her latest project and music video.

This past September, Niche was the host of the Ugly Money Music Summit at The Atrium Complex in Atlanta where artists could perform for over 10 different major labels that were present including A&R representatives from QualityControl, YSL, FreeBandz, 4PF, 1017, CMG, Hustle Gang, PRE, TIG, BWA, Atlantic, NeverBrokeAgain and more. 

Ugly Money Niche has been taking over the industry and it doesn’t just stop here. He is also currently in the process of building the brand-new official Ugly Money Media Complex in Atlanta where artists can come in and use his creative complex to their advantage.

We had the chance to connect with him at a stop in San Juan, Puerto Rico this past October. 

“This industry is about who you know and the connections you build,”

“Most artists want to spend all there time in the studio but don’t want to put any work into the promoting and marketing aspect of the music.”

Every Tuesday, Niche goes live on his Instagram to give free game and promote talented artists reviewing their songs on his platform ranking in hundreds of streams per week. 

Any artists interested in submitting their music for review can do so by texting “#SongReview” to (470) 278-4875 and tuning in to @UglyMoneyNiche on his live at 2:30pm EST every Tuesday!

Ugly Money Niche is a perfect example of no matter where you start, you can come out on top. You can learn more about Ugly Money Niche at his Instagram. You can also tune into the The Ugly Money Podcast every week at uglymoneypodcast.com

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Bryan Quaranto is the CEO of Dreamwood Media. He is also the host of The Creative Activation Podcast available exclusively on DreamwoodMedia.com

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How Kanye West Innovated A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry



Kanye West is a world renowned artist, musician and fashion icon. In the past 5 years Kanye has scaled his brand to another level, using his inherent entrepreneurial DNA combined with his hyper creative vision, Kanye’s ability to grow and outperform himself is almost like none other. So how did Kanye go from a foreign exchange student in China to becoming one of the worlds most successful fashion designers?

It started when Kanye was a child. Kanye always had an affinity towards the arts, writing poetry and making musical compositions. After his parents divorced and a few years passed, Kanye moved with his mother, who was an English professor at the time, to China as part of a foreign exchange program. West reported that he learned Chinese but had forgotten most of it, and in his school classes, he received mostly A’s and B’s.

When Kanye came back to America, he secured a friendship with DJ/Producer No I.D. in his early teens. Shortly after, No I.D. became Kanye’s mentor in which he taught Kanye how to sample and program beats into a sampler. After graduating high school a few years later, Kanye began college. Kanye switched from painting classes, to an English major, until he realized his college years would fall short to his musical dreams. This is when he released his iconic album known as “College Dropout” known for redefining what society’s path has previously carved out for you.

Before ‘College Dropout”, Kanye started in the music scene as a producer creating beats primarily for bubbling local artists, eventually developing a style that involved speeding up vocal samples from classic soul records. Despite becoming a well renowned producer, Kanye wanted to become a rapper. 

In 2003, Kanye was struggling to land a major deal until he eventually got picked up by Damon Dash from Roc-A-Fella Records. During this period, West also founded GOOD Music, a record label and management company that would go on to house affiliate artists and producers, such as No I.D. and John Legend. This brings us to the current day after realeasing a series of successful albums like “Graduation”, “808s and Heartbreak”, and “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”.

In 2008, Kayne collaborated with Nike on the release of his first three shoes. He has also created with companies like Louis Vuitton and Giuseppe. In 2013 after the release of his “Red October” Air Yeezy 2s, Kanye West ended his partnership with Nike.  That same year Kanye collaborated with German sportswear company Adidas, to create the new edition of Yeezy’s. These shoe releases were the single counter point to compete with the ever lasting Michael Jordan brand, which is valued at nearly 20 billion dollars. In five years, from 2015-2020, Yeezus has been able to scale the Yeezy brand to over a billion dollars. While it doesn’t compare to the current value of the Jordan, The Jordan brand has been around for 35 years compared to Kanye’s five years in the sneaker game.

Kanye has created different lines into in his Yeezy brand including a clothing line called “Yeezy Season 1” which ranged from sweatpants to jackets in the price range of anywhere from $600-$3,000 dollars. This specific clothing line is now discontinued but the merchandise still exists in the collectors world. The sneaker line has also included the Yeezy Boost 750, Yeezy Boost 350, Yeezy 950 and The Yeezy Foam Runners.

Kanye is a visionary when it comes to art and entrepreneurship, and I think this is something we should all aspire to be. The rise of this music and fashion mogul should be a perfect example of exemplary leadership and excellence. You can learn more about Kanye and what he is up to on his twitter here.

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Bryan Quaranto is the CEO of Dreamwood Media. He is also the host of The Creative Activation Podcast available exclusively on DreamwoodMedia.com

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