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Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX & TESLA, Joins Clubhouse and Talks Mars, Confronts Robinhood CEO and Discusses Nueralink



This past Sunday night, Elon Musk, CEO of TESLA, joined the new invite-only audio app Clubhouse where he talked extensively about the future of his company, the frontier to getting humans on Mars, Dogecoin, Robinhood, and much more.

The SpaceX CEO said in an interview in 2016 then confirmed in 2019 that he will confidently land humans on Mars by 2026 through his Starship vehicle that will be the transportation hub for sending humans to Mars.

SpaceX, the company known for building self-sustaining rocket ships that can smoothly land and takeoff of different planets, has already successfully sent packages to the international space station. 

Another topic that Musk talked about during the clubhouse session is Nueralink, the neurotechnology company founded by Elon Musk and others, developing implantable brain-machine interfaces.

Musk claimed that people nowadays already function as a cyborg, referring to their excessive use and reliance on smartphones. However, the process of humans typing into their smartphones is a hundred bits so it seems like the smartphones are talking to trees, as Musk puts it. 

With the neural interface that his company offers, it increases the process by a significant amount while spending longer with a higher magnitude of processing because of the link between the human brain and a device. 

The Tesla CEO then claimed that Neuralink will be releasing new videos in the near future of how their neural interface works. He didn’t comment on the ethics behind this but his take was on the value of the early implant will be enormous and how it will outweigh the risks.

“Early applications [to Nueralink] will really be just for people who really had a serious brain injury. Like where the value of the implant will be enormous because early implants will come with some non-terminal risk, and so it’s going to be like, does the good part outweigh the bad, and that will be accounted for with some of the initial surgeries with full disclosure of these little risks. And one of the things we’re really paying close attention to is the ability to remove the implant if somebody doesn’t want it, or it’s not working, we can take it out, and then we can replant another one,” he said. 

As the night rolled on, Elon had the chance to speak with the CEO of Robinhood, a stock trading app that was recently launched in the news for cutting off traders when the GameStop Stock, GME, skyrocketed causing big-time investors to stand back in shock. 

In the clubhouse interview, the CEO of Robinhood, Vlad Tenev, joined the stage when he was confronted about what happened when his application cut off traders from buying shares of GameStop in the last week of January. 

Vlad Tenev then dances around the question and goes on to explain that he works in the equities business, and how Robinhood has raised nearly 2 billion dollars in venture capital up to now. 

There are three elements of the Robinhood application that Vlad enumerated during the session. The introducing broker-dealer is called Robinhood Financial and is the application that processes trades. Then there’s a clearing broker-dealer, Robinhood Securities, that clears and settles the trades. And then there’s Robinhood Crypto which is the crypto business of Vlad’s Robinhood. 

“All of these are different entities that are differently operated,” the CEO of Robinhood said. 

Vlad added that Robinhood became number one on the iOS App Store and pretty close, if not number one, on the Google Play store.

Both Musk and Vlad would go on and exchange their thoughts on trading, and how the new application became popular in such a short time. 

Prior to the Clubhouse session, Musk knew nothing about the app up until a week ago. But with his debut on Silicon Valley’s hottest start-up, Musk broke the viewer limit of 5,000, causing fans to create new rooms, listen to YouTube, and find other means to listen in on what the Tesla and SpaceX CEO has in mind. 

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Bryan Quaranto is the CEO of Dreamwood Media. He is also the host of The Creative Activation Podcast available exclusively on DreamwoodMedia.com

Bryan Quaranto is the CEO of Dreamwood Media. He is also the host of The Creative Activation Podcast available exclusively on DreamwoodMedia.com

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Exclusive Interview With Ruth Chornolutskyy



It’s an honor to speak with you today. Why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. How did you get to where you are today?
Thank you. I’m a photographer and digital artist and I have a particular passion for fairytale photography and creative portraiture. I’ve always been quite a creative person. As a child I loved drawing and painting. I also enjoyed reading stories and fairytales. I was a dancer throughout my childhood and I think the lines and shapes the body can make are very beautiful, and through dance and music you can portray so much emotion and really tell a story. Later in life, I found the same enjoyment in photography and digital art, as it is about creativity, composition, shapes, use of light, emotion and stories. I began the photographic business “RR Photographic” with my husband Russ about four years ago. About a year into my photography journey, I began the creative portraiture and fairytale style which you can see today on my Instagram and social media. Creative editing is always a big part of my work. It lets me use my imagination like I did as a child. With Photoshop I can create a vision I have in my head, (which perhaps I don’t have the resources to put together at the time of the shoot), or it allows me to simply exaggerate what is there in reality and create mood and atmosphere in post-production. I enjoy styling and do put a lot of planning into my photoshoots. Whilst I get as much information as possible in the initial RAW photo, I see that as my blank canvas which I can then enhance with editing and take in different directions. I find photography and digital art very inspiring and it’s a constant learning experience and my style and techniques change over time.

I’m sure your success has not come easily. What challenges have you had to overcome along the way?
My main problem at the moment is that there are not enough hours in the day! I am a wife and mum to two little boys, I also work as a solicitor in corporate and commercial law with law firm Lester Aldridge LLP, I run the photography business and I also run styled photography workshops through Enchanted Evermore www.enchantedevermore.com. I have so many big plans for the future and things I want to do to develop my photography business and so many places I want to go, but just sometimes it’s hard to fit everything in! Unfortunately, I lost my mum about three years ago to cancer and that was a very hard period of my life. I actually found photography very therapeutic in the period leading up to her death and certainly after, as it gave me a bit of escapism and enabled me to just put my mind into creating something beautiful and not focus on the horrible things going on. Life can be very cruel at times. My father went abroad shortly after my mum’s death so I have no family here now and my husband’s family lives in the Ukraine. That can make things tricky with juggling all our commitments and all the things we want to do around our family commitments, particularly while our boys are still so young. We always find a way to do the things we want to do though. Like most people, I think I am my own worst critic. I will usually like a photo I’ve created for about 24 hours and then I’ll start seeing lots of little things about it that I don’t like or wish I would have done differently! However, overall, I’m proud of the work I’ve created and I use the things I don’t like in my work as motivation to learn and improve constantly. I actually hope that in a year’s time I’ll not like the work I’m doing now as that means I’ll be a year further forward and producing better work! I enjoy experimenting and trying new things with my work. I think we are all on a constant big learning curve in life and that keeps things interesting.

What’s your best piece of advice for readers who desire to find success in their life?
I would say that if you have something you want to achieve, then just go for it. Don’t sit and think about it forever as if you sit for too long you’ll never actually do it. Don’t doubt yourself, I always think it’s better to try and fail than not try at all. I would strongly recommend networking and building relationships with other people in your field as this can open so many doors and lead to many new opportunities.

Speaking of success, what does the word mean to you?
For me, success is achieving happiness and fulfilment. It is about living comfortably, enjoying my life together with the people I love, working and spending time with fantastic people and feeling satisfied when I go to sleep at night! Watching my mum lose her life at a fairly young age when she still had so much to give really hit home for me on what is actually important. I have big ambitions and a lot of plans for the future and it would certainly be a bonus to achieve all of those, but ultimately, I will consider my life to have been successful if it’s been a happy one!

What’s next for you?
As you know I love creative editing and I have a lot of people asking me how I edit and can I teach them my ‘style’ of photography and editing. I therefore plan to create some photography and editing tutorials and digital products in the very near future. I love to teach and share knowledge and it will be a real pleasure to teach people who are passionate about photography and editing about my thought processes and techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom and how I create a photo from the planning and styling stage to the final edit. I am self-taught in photo editing and quite experimental, so many of the techniques I use are my own way of doing things! I like to use overlays a lot in my work and I already create some of my own overlays so I plan to put together some packages and show how I apply them in my work. If, like me, you enjoy digital art and creative editing, the editing process is very exciting as you can take a photo in so many different styles and directions. Your imagination is really your limit!

Finally, how can people connect with you if they want to learn more?
You can find me on most social media platforms, but Instagram under @RRPhotographic is probably the best place to get in touch with me (and that also has my Linktree to all my various pages and resources).

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I am Marko, im an entrepreneur and an agency owner. I love sharing stories of people with passion, tallent and value!

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Vinny’s Secret To Scaling Personal Branding!



Who is Vinny?

Vinny is a 3rd generation Italian, born and raised in the Bay Area California. He grew up with strong family values that has helped him really learn to connect with people. As a 15 year plus expert in customer service, Vinny broke into the marketing industry. Vinny has continued the legacy from his Dad and Grandfather in business and has carried his expertise into communicating branding effectively so businesses can scale.

4 Tips Building a Strong Personal Brand

1) Strong brand needs consistency
Your branding should carry the same weight and consistency across all your platforms and content. This includes everything from your profile pic, colors, bio, graphics, and copy. This creates trust, credibility, and authority in your business” Vinny said. This creates trust, believability, and authority in your business which are 3 most significant elements to have as a personal brand.

2) Know your audience
You need to figure out how to peruse your crowd and give the best substance and data for your crowd to draw in with! Vinnys guidance for this is: “Know what your audience is: if your selling to parents dont use edgy stuff. Stick with warm, friendly, and elegant branding. Also know the questions your audience is asking.

3) Balance your brand with your personal life
For what reason would you need to have your own life in your marketing procedure? Lets here it from the expert:”Perfect branding also includes you because you are your brand. Embedding your story in your brand is key to capturing not just customers, but creating an influence. The point is people don’t want to follow a robot, but a real person with real life stories.” Vinny said.

4) Be Different
Being authentic is madly significant in each business, yet why:“Your brand should create a culture around your niche that separates you from the rest. Anybody can post about about beauty product ideas,but how does your brand make you stand out from the rest? Your brand should carry an aesthetic that isn’t like the rest.“, this is Vinny’s thought on importance of authenticity!

I am Marko, im an entrepreneur and an agency owner. I love sharing stories of people with passion, tallent and value!

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