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Big Head Bandz Millennial Soul Brother #1 in Hip-Hop

Very few artists’ music ignites the emotions of a listener’s soul. Music will always be America’s #1 mental therapy medicine and heals a person’s deepest wounds. Major Recording Artist Big Head



Lyrics to ‘Ball Hog’ provided courtesy of GENIUS

Big Head Bandz Soul brotha number one!!!! Rich til I’m gone

To many Haters and no bosses

I take risks they move cautious

Buy cars, houses, land and horses

Facts told my gain came through my losses

Business as usual on a daily

It’s always been f*ck you pay me

Mindset like yeezy’s and Jay-z’s

The world is mine I never had to say please

Steph curry with the step back straight 3’s

I love the green you would think ai played for the C’s

More titles than any team in the league

A young G ball hard never felt fatigue

Blow the smoke in the sky staring at the stars

Honestly I feel like I’m where they are

And I can’t come down I live at the top

We started in the trap with the hanger and the pot

Very few artists’ music ignites the emotions of a listener’s soul. Music will always be America’s #1 mental therapy medicine and heals a person’s deepest wounds. Major Recording Artist Big Head Bandz embodies the 90’s Golden Era of Hip-Hop infused with Millennial energy. His latest track, ‘Ball Hog,‘ illuminates the panoramic hustler mentality fueled by relentless animal ambition.

Big Head Bandz’s music makes you put on a ‘Sean John’ bucket hat, turn up ‘Ball Hog’ ultra-loud, sip on Deleon Tequila, and nod your head and vibe out! It doesn’t matter if you’re playing a high stakes game of spades, attending a family BBQ, or chilling with your team, ‘Ball Hog’ adapts to any environment.

2020 has been a year of turmoil, incalculable human loss, and unprecedented financial loss. Hip-Hop’s Soul Brother #1 delivers another epic message of hope and aspiration with ‘Ball Hog.’ Big Head Bandz is CEO of Got Bandz Entertainment, LLC and Global Millennial Brand Ambassador of RADIOPUSHERS.

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Rapper, Veteran, and Online Producer Georgia Gurt Releases EPs While Dropping Beats on YouTube



Nowadays, musicians, producers, and artists are making the most out of the new technology and platforms to be able to enjoy making their own music, getting their names out to the public, and earn support from adoring fans. 

Tray McGirt, professionally known as Georgia Gurt, is a rapper and online producer that aims to make the best music possible using every available means to him.

He creates songs where he performs and also makes beats that are available on YouTube or for artists to use. 

Joining the military 

As an HVAC technician, the military experience gave him more experience to get things done, know how to buckle down and finish things and always be on time. The military taught him to shut down everything outside of whatever the objective is and to just to finish it. The military is all about camaraderie. They helped him learn to keep business, business, and don’t take it personal especially with basic training. His military experience also made him more relatable to people’s from all walks of life. The military gave him a deeper understanding of other cultures. 

The Creative Transformation

“As a creative you can’t be in a place where you don’t have control of your environment. The weather also plays an important part on my creativity. I stay away from the cold temperatures.

Working With New Artists 

Aside from rapping and producing his music, Georgia Gurt is also working with other artists in the industry to create music that’s worth listening to and remembering. 

“I’m always trying to learn new ways to build with a new artist in the industry,” he said. 

He began producing in 2015 when his friend, Hennytimez, asked him to learn how to make his music instead of using the ones from YouTube that were not his own. 

Later in 2016, he graduated college in Miami, Florida. It was there that he met another artist who he enjoyed working with. 

“I met Lanlord in the building online and he invited me to Orlando to meet Ski Mask, The Slump, and Fat Toni. He was his producer for Ski Mask at the time,” Georgia Gurt said. 

The rapper and online producer has also worked with other names in the industry such as Mike Smiff, Vandambodyslam, Flockatrent, and Jay La Familia. 

Being Artist-Friendly 

Georgia Gurt shared that he will continue to work with as many artists as he could and that includes both up and coming as well as major artists to be able to create as much music as he can. 

But like any other artist, he also aims to earn from what he loves doing the most. 

“Of course I will have to be paid for my work just like everybody else in the industry. So I try to make my beats affordable for upcoming artists on YouTube,” he said. 

Getting A Placement on YouTube 

Another goal that Georgia Gurt had in his mind for his career, as well as his first goal, is to get a placement or an opportunity to get his name out in the public and eventually earn more credit for his work. 

“I did that in less than two months with Flockatrent. My latest placement is with Vandambodyslam and Mikesmiff305 on a song called Profits,” he shared. 

He hopes to be able to have more placements and create more songs as well as beats on YouTube as he progresses as a rapper and online producer. 

His Future Projects 

On Friday, February 12, 2021, Georgia Gurt is expected to release a new song called “Say Mane It’s Georgia Gurt” by midnight. 

He also working with another artist, Ja La Familia, who is releasing Street Life Volume One on March 5, 2021. 

These are only some of the projects that he wants to share at the moment but with his creativity and tenacity in creating music, his name may be one to look out for in the future as he works his way to becoming a known artist. 

Learn more about Georgia Gurt on Instagram

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Chris Burke; An Inspiring Success Story from the Music Industry



Reaching New Heights

The path to success is not always straightforward. One needs to take several decisive turns and make critical changes on the way to reach the epitome of excellence. The key remains to stay true to your passion. The success story of Chris Burke, a young EDM and Trance star, is also marked by more or less similar notions.

Like every teenager, Chris also got influenced by the pop and rock revolution spurred in the early 2000s. Eminem, Foo Fighters, Bruce Springsteen, Biffy Clyro are some of the names Chris listened to in his early teens and up till his twenties. But unlike many other millennials, who merely listen to these tracks and never venture on their own to make music, expressing themselves, Chris decided to why not give it a shot, that too quite early in his career.

To do so, he and his homies sat one day and came up with their music band and named it Cold California. The band depicted the true inner feelings and aspirations of these youngsters. They primarily used this opportunity to polish their skills further. From lyrics to composition, they worked on everything. It made their indigenous talents shine brighter. It also infused in them the confidence to perform in front of large crowds.

Chris believes that any track or single is a complete package in which none of the aspects should be left ignored. Writing the lyrics himself, Chris made sure that they do not sound boring and cliché to the audience. You can feel the influence of Biffy Clyro and Eminem in the early tracks of Cold California. The uniqueness and Out-of-the-Box factor of the music made them earn quite a few bucks, besides polishing the skills and making them ready for the music industry.

Then came the big wave of revolution in the music industry. EDM (Electronic Dance Music), although quite old and tracing its roots to the mid-90s, got hyped up just in the recent decade. Chris came across some tracks of Calvin Harris, another of his countrymen making some REAL good music. Those tracks inspired Chris to work in this genre as well.

Like every progressive artist, Chris always kept his doors open for new genres and art forms to express himself. Giving a shot to work in EDM can be attributed as one of the best decisions of his life. EDM offers a lot of creative space to the artist without being dull and boring for the audience.  

2019 was the year EDM enthusiasts witnessed the work of Chris. His first two EDM singles, Space and Time, and Dreamers are still popular among the fans. His emphasis was to keep the music free from all that extra shebang that sometimes makes the song hectic and tiresome rather than relaxing and soothing. The minimalism, epic drops, and catchy tune contributed towards making these songs a GREAT HIT! Even Tiesto also featured Never Really Liked You, a single by Chris, on his radio show, Club Life. It is quite an achievement for any music producer as Tiesto is often regarded as a mentor by many of the big names in the industry.

Time passed by, Chris kept working on his music, refining it more and more with every track and album and every passing day. Even after achieving new landmarks, Chris was looking for more ways to express himself. He was on vacation in Orlando, Florida, in 2019. There he went to one of the concerts of Gareth Emery. He was pretty impressed by the deepness and sole-penetrating potential of trance music; the way it makes the crowd go crazy on its mild beats, that too in a simple way. It made him work in this genre as well. He started experimenting with its technicalities. Exploring this genre, he found the tracks of Paul Van Dyke and Armin Van Buren very touching. Eventually, he also released a single with Eximinds on Suanda Records in the March of 2020. Although the world was in a state of lockdown for an indefinite period in 2020 because of the Corona outbreak, the response was still pretty encouraging. It made this clear to Chris that the masses were liking his music, and he was on the right track.

Even today, his tracks are the spirit of parties and Clubs worldwide. Looking forward to doing more, Chris is planning to release more Trance and EDM tracks, and the fans are direly waiting for their release. You can imagine the scale of success of young Chris from him raising 3.5 million streaks on Spotify, just in the first year of his music career. So, let’s see what he is up to more!

Abdullah Raaj is the founder of Ventures Bite, a global digital marketing agency. He is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in the field of Development and Marketing, and is considered a “Marketing Specialist" by his peers.

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